Baileys Bath House
A Self Service Dog Wash
Baileys Bath House
1633 Birchwood Ave #104
Bellingham WA 98225
Located directly across from Albertson's on Birchwood Ave

     Extra large dog Berner Huskie ETc                                                 $23.00
     Large dog  Golden,  Lab,   Shepard                                                 $22.00

     Medium    Cockers,  Spaniels,  Terriers                                           $17.00

    Small dog to be determined usally around             $12.00  to to   $17.00                                                     

    We also reserve the right to charge for excessive time in tub or excessive clean up.

For the first timers all you need
to bring to Baileys is a dirty
dog on a leash, we will provide
aprons, shampoo,towels,brushes,
ear cleaner,conditioners, and dryers.

If you adopt a dog from a shelter let us know and your first wash is free!!

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We will be open from December 17 until Dec 24 from 11am to 6pm.  No closing on Mon and Tue prior to Christmas.
  Wed Thur Fri                                                   11AM  to 6PM
   Saturday                                                         10AM  to 6PM
    Sunday                                                           Noon   to 6PM

     Closed  Monday and Tuesday

Bailey's Bath House is an easy and economical way to keep your pet clean and happy.

We are located at 1633 Birchwood Ave in Bellingham across from Albertsons.

We Provide:

Waist high tubs to accommodate the largest dog.
Plenty of convenient warm water to wash and rinse.

A complete supply of groomer quality shampoos,
scissors, nail clippers, towels, chamois and blow dryers.

We have toys, treats, leashes, collars, and premium dog food, Taste of the Wild (Grain free),
Fromm and Canidae.

WE also have cat food, Felidae, Taste of the
wild, Natural Balance, Fromm

We will wash your dog weekdays usually a $10 fee above self wash. Approximate wash time one hour.

    Need your dogs nails clipped drop in during the week, only $10.00 and no appointment needed.

 Need a groomer call Mariette Stam at 224-5264
She has been a part of the Bailey team for four
years.  Great with poodles and doodles.                                  

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